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Documenting Datasets

If your project contains data that has been newly created (i.e., which is not otherwise (publicly) available yet; including derived data sets), you are required to include a documentation of that data in your project.

Instances of “new data” may included, but are not restricted to be:

  • data scraped from websites
  • data gathered via APIs
  • manually labeled data
    • e.g., to assign GDP per capita to a list of countries
    • e.g., to classify a music label as a major versus independent label
  • data derived from secondary data (e.g., a cleaned data set; making explicit how you cleaned the data is important for future use of that data)

Think of “new data” as any data that feeds into one of the pipeline stages in your project; it really needs not to be “big” data, but can simply consist of a .csv file with names and associated labels (e.g., as in the case of countries –> GDP per capita).

Check out our topic for documenting data!