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We bring the value of open science to Tilburg, and valuable resources of Tilburg to the world.

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Learn to write clean code, use conventions and version control to catch mistakes easily, make your work future-proof, and allow others to quickly review it.

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Learn how to make teamwork exciting, not only efficient! Use SCRUM and collaboration tools to assign roles, manage tasks, and define milestones so that nobody is left behind.

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Learn to automate your research workflow. Don't waste time manually running each step. Let your computer take care of it for you, while you can work on something else.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get cloud computing. Learn to quickly resume your work running instances on remote servers.

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Learn to work more efficiently on empirical research projects, using tools like R, Python, and Stata – flavored with open science made in Tilburg. Initially launched by researchers from Tilburg University, Tilburg Science Hub is developed on GitHub and welcomes open source contributions.