Be smart.
Conduct your research differently.

Tilburg Science Hub gives you the tools and guidance to be in control and save time in your empirical research projects.

Catch mistakes

No code is perfect, and making mistakes is part of the process. Following the principles of reproducible science, you will be able to catch mistakes early. And fewer mistakes means faster progress.

your pipeline.

Have you ever considered how much time you've wasted waiting behind a screen for data preparation or results? When automating your project, you let the computer take care of it for you, while you can work on something else.

An efficient way of

Colleagues still using GitHub like Dropbox? Learn how to collaborate using code versioning the right way.

Reach a broader

Share your work the new way, with websites, dashboards, and videos.

A source of

Check out our examples from real-life research projects to help you get started with your own one.

Who we are

Tilburg Science Hub is an open-source project run by researchers from Tilburg University, in The Netherlands. We seek to enable students, researchers, and data science teams to set up, manage, and collaborate more efficiently on empirical research projects.