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Tilburg Science Hub helps individual researchers, data scientists, and their teams efficiently work on empirical research projects.

We provide information about workflow and data management, and tutorials that teach researchers how to organize and document data and code. This, in turn, makes research more sustainable and leads to time savings and transparency in the process.
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Our tutorials teach you how to conduct your research more efficiently.

For instance, you probably have had to run code over and over again. To save time, automate your work. So each time you have to rerun, just execute this one simple command - make . Sit back and relax.

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Ever got stuck while dabbling with collecting web data at scale? Maybe the website you want to scrape keeps updating, or there are simply too many pages to scrape at once. Learn more on how to programmatically grab data from the web.
Scrape a static website

Scrape a dynamic website

Extract data from API

For many such succinct guides, codes, tips & tricks for a wide range of topics:
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