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Examples are real-life cases, publications, templates, or research projects that put into practice the concepts explained on Tilburg Science Hub.

A Reproducible Research Workflow with AirBnB Data

A platform-independent, reproducible research workflow with AirBnB data, using Stata, Python and R.

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A Simple Reproducible Research Workflow

A simple Make pipeline with R and LaTeX.

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An Interactive Shiny App of Google's COVID-19 Data

Build your own interactive dashboard with an R Shiny app!

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Exploring Trends in the Cars Dataset with Regression Analysis

Build linear models to draw inferences from your datasets.

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A Reproducible Workflow Using Snakemake and R

A template for a reproducible research project that uses Snakemake and the R programming language.

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Find Keywords and Sentences from Multiple PDF Files

Docker application based on R that finds keywords and sentences from PDF files

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