Let’s run the workflow

When starting to work with a template, we ideally like to see it “working” on “test data” first. In this way, we know we can extend it easily. As our template is fully automated, building should be easy - you only need to type make.

So let’s go ahead by first watching our demo on what happens if you run make in our template’s main directory. Then, you can proceed to our practice questions.

Practice questions and answers

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, open Anaconda prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on Mac) in the template’s main directory, and type make. What happens?

  2. Now, let’s type make again. What happens now?!

  3. Compare the directory/file structure with how it looked like before running make. What are the differences?

  4. Can you reconstruct what has just happened when running make, by looking at the makefile in the main directory? Imagine you’re arriving at the crime scene, and all you see is that file. Be a detective and start your investigation!

Watch the solutions here