Meet Hannes Datta

As the co-founder of Tilburg Science Hub, I lead its strategic development and push our technical infrastructure to the next level.

Hannes Datta

I co-founded Tilburg Science Hub, jointly with Tobias Klein, back in 2019. As a marketing professor, I had recently stumbled upon the reproducible science movement and was sold immediately. As I convinced colleagues and friends about the merits of open science, I realized how difficult it was for many of them to actually learn doing open science. The nascent idea of improving how we teach open science to students and faculty ultimately became what today is Tilburg Science Hub. On a day-to-day basis, I head Tilburg Science Hub's technical development - think of me as the CTO (who still loves to code a lot himself!). I also coordinate Tilburg Science Hub's strategic development, and am frequently approached for talks about our platform.



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  • Open science