Meet Fleur Le Mire

I'm a committed contributor with a background in marketing and a strong passion for organization, actively involved in expanding our network through social media content and skilled at efficient management and organization within Tilburg Science Hub.

Fleur Le Mire

With a background in marketing, my role within Tilburg Science Hub involves the management of our social media channels and content creation. My primary goal is to expand our network and introduce people to Tilburg Science Hub. Additionally, I am also actively involved in the organization of various initiatives within the team. Contributing to Tilburg Science Hub presents me an opportunity to apply my expertise to a growing digital platform. It serves as a fertile ground for continuous learning and the expansion of my knowledge within the field of research, which I'm enthusiastic about sharing with fellow researchers, students, and anyone who shares an interest in our mission.



  • Webscraping
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  • Content creation
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  • Social media
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  • Photoshop
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  • Organization