[stata, packages, ssc, ado]

What are Stata packages

Stata packages are user-contributed programs or commands that expand the capabilities of the Stata statistical software. They provide additional tools for tasks like data analysis, econometrics, and visualization, enhancing Stata’s built-in features.

Installing Stata packages from SSC

Installing packages from SSC is straight forward. For example if you wish to install egenemore package:

ssc install egenmore

Installing community-contributed packages

While packages are regularly being added to SSC, in some cases you may need a package that has not been yet added but is available online. For example using rdmulti package for regression discontinuity estimation.

net install rdmulti, from(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rdpackages/rdmulti/master/stata) replace

If you are searching for the package but are unsure how to get the correct path; or alternatively if you are searching for packages that can help you in some specific application, the search command comes in handy.

search rdmulti
* Helps you find the installation path for rdmulti

search venn
* Lists packages that may be helpful for producing Venn diagrams

Installing packages from .ado files

If you wish to manually install a package using an .ado file, for example using work from a colleague that may not be available online you should just copy the ado file into your personal ado folder. To find the path for your personal folder, use either sysdir or personal.

* Provides different system directories, including personal ado folder

* Provides path to personal ado folder