[Matlab, software, install, configuration, statistics]


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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a high-level programming language and an environment for numerical computation and visualization. As the name suggests, the language is great for numerical computation centered around linear algebra, but also offers a range of other functionality (e.g. symbolic computing).

Tailored for engineers and scientists, MATLAB serves as a powerful platform enabling the analysis and design of transformative systems and products. At its core, MATLAB uses a matrix-based approach, making it an intuitive choice for computational scientists.

With MATLAB you are able to:

  • analyze data
  • develop algorithms
  • create models and application
  • visualize data

Installing MATLAB

MATLAB is proprietary and a license is required.

  • The University of Zurich has a campus-wide MATLAB license available to all students and employees. We will use this license to activate MATLAB on our machine.

  • If you study or work at Tilburg University and you do not have MATLAB installed on your machine, please register via Mathworks and follow the installation instructions available on the IT Self-Service Portal.