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What is TeXmacs

TeXmacs is a scientific text editor that can be used to write, edit and compile \(\LaTeX\) . LaTeX is a typesetting system commonly used for creating documents with intricate formatting, especially in fields such as mathematics, physics, computer science, and academic research. TeXmacs provides a user friendly software to edit these documents containing different elements: text, formulas, graphics, presentations, and interactive content. It can be run on all platforms and is easy to set up.


For any platform, installation is easy and quick following the guide here.


There are many available resources to learn TeXmacs. Some are available on the official website, while the software also contains a lot of resources that become available after installation.


TeXmacs is a more user friendly editor than \(\LaTeX\) , having an interface similar to Microsoft Word, but more scientific inclined. It offers many options for importing and exporting files. For importing files it has the following options:

As for exporting, it has all of the above and additionally PDF and Postscript options.

It can include Python, R and Scheme scripts, as well as animations, bibliography and much more.

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Contributed by Ana Bianca Luca