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Cloud Computing with SURFsara's Cartesius Cluster

1 mins

SURFsara’s Cartesius Cluster: Overview

Cartesius is a supercomputer in the true sense of the word. All servers in the cluster are linked with high-speed connections to form a very large computer. Cartesius is best suited for calculations in which the individual components (functions and procedures) have a great interdependence. A so-called Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) is also offered in this environment. In some cases, for example with Floating Point calculations, running a program on a Graphics adapter is much more efficient than on a computer processor.


  • The most rapid solution.
  • Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) available.
  • A huge amount of software.
  • Users do not have to share resources but have exclusive access.


  • Steep learning curve. Knowledge is required to be able to build an efficient job.
  • No direct access to the joint network of Tilburg University.
  • There may be a queue and thus waiting time.
  • Less interactive because of the queue principle.

How to access SURFsara’s Cartesius cluster

You can find more information about the Cartesius cluster and how to connect to it on the IT Service Desk.

Contributed by Roshini Sudhaharan