Tutorials simplify and structure valuable (yet sometimes complex) toolkits, ensuring a smooth learning experience when embracing open science skills.

Reproducible Research and Automation

Practicing Pipeline Automation using Make
Follow our tutorial to implement a fully automated workflow to conduct sentiment analysis on tweets.
Principles of Project Setup and Workflow Management
Learn how you can improve your workflow, speeding up your research and making the process more transparent.
Starting Up a New Empirical Research Project
Start working on a new project, using the principles of workflow management and reproducible science.
Document and Share your Data using GitHub
Learn how to document and share data for internal and external use.
Data Preparation and Workflow Management
Engineer data sets from complex raw data and manage research projects efficiently.

Code Like a Pro

Web Scraping and API Mining
Learn to extract data from the web and APIs
Create Your Own Website in 15 Minutes
Learn how you can launch your very own static website in a quick and easy way.
Online Data Collection and Management
Learn to use web scraping and APIs to collect data for your empirical research project.

Scale Up

Professionalize your Team Work Using Scrum
Discover Scrum to improve your project management when working on empirical research projects
Running Computations Remotely
Learn how to run computations remotely

More Tutorials

Use ChatGPT for your research!
Currently, ChatGPT is everywhere. Learn how to use it efficiently to improve your research.
Shoot Educational Videos
An educational video is meant for transferring knowledge to an audience. Learn how to make them.
Write an Academic Paper
Learn the typical structure of an empirical paper in economics and business.
Making transcriptions using OpenAI's Whisper
Guidance page for using Whisper for translations and transcriptions
Inside AirBnB - Workflow Walkthrough
Set up an end-to-end workflow to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on AirBnB bookings
Write Your First LaTeX Document in 15 Minutes
Learn to write your very first professional-looking document with LaTeX.
Contribute to Tilburg Science Hub
Learn how to contribute to Tilburg Science Hub in three easy ways.