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Get Started With Our LaTeX Templates


\(\LaTeX\) is a professional typesetting system widely used in academia because it can produce complex documents - like journal articles, books, technical reports, and similar - with unparalleled output quality.

However, setting up new documents can be time consuming and a bit daunting, especially at the beginning. If you want to get started writing your $\LaTeX$ documents quicker, you can use one of our custom-made templates below.

The Basics

If you are new to $\LaTeX$, before attempting to customize any of our templates, you should first learn about its basics and how it works. We’ve made a tutorial that can help you get started with $\LaTeX$ and write your very first document within minutes.

In case you haven’t installed $\LaTeX$ yet, you can follow our installation guide here.

Download our Thesis Template

We provide a $\LaTeX$ template to get you started working on your thesis project very quickly.

You can also download a PDF preview to see what the output file would look like.

Thesis Template for LaTeX