Publish e-books and interactive articles directly from R


Sometimes writing a paper is simply not enough: provide readers with an interactive article on the web, or start drafting your own ebook!

Distill, Bookdown and Quarto are some of the state-of-the-art tools to check out and get started.

Distill Bookdown Quarto
Possible input languages R R Python, R, Julia
and Observable
Purpose Publish shorter content
like articles or
sets of articles
as a Distill website
or as a Distill blog
Publish books or
pretty much anything
that consists of
multiple R Markdown
documents meant to
be read in a linear sequence
(e.g. course materials,
thesis etc)
Used to publish articles,
reports, presentation,
websites, blogs, and books
Output formats HTML Multiple types of
output formats are possible:
ePub etc

Get Started

Check out these tutorials/guides to help you get started with your preferred publishing tool:


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Publish interactive documents with Quarto
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Publish course materials with Distill
Contributed by Roshini Sudhaharan