Example Projects and Tutorials

Ever wondered how a fully reproducible and automated project may look like? Get inspired here by accessing one of our example projects, which you can directly use as a template to kick-start your own project!

1. Tutorial for a simple Make Pipeline

  • features downloading (Twitter) JSON data from the web,
  • parsing and conducting text analysis in Python, and
  • running a simple analysis in R markdown

Longing to put your knowledge from our workflow guide into practice? Then follow this tutorial to implement a fully automated and reproducible workflow to conduct sentiment analysis on tweets, using our GitHub workflow template.

2. A Simple Make Pipeline with R and Latex

In this example, you find a simple make pipeline, which prepares (data-preparation) and analyzes (analysis) data using R, and creates some tables for a paper (paper) using Latex.

This is probably the most simplistic but still complete workflow, and thus highly recommended as a template to kickstart your projects.

Checkout Rafael's GitHub repository for all the details! Fork it/use it as a template - contributions appreciated!

3. The TiSEM AirBnB repository

Using publicly available data from AirBnB (available via Kaggle.com), we illustrate how a reproducible workflow may look like in practice.

Check out our GitHub repository for all the details on how to clone the project and run it.

We've crafted this project to run

  • platform-independent (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • across a diverse set of software programs (Stata, Python, R)
  • producing an entire (mock) paper, including modules that
    • download data from Kaggle,
    • prepare data for analysis,
    • run a simple analysis,
    • produce a paper with output tables and figures.


This repository is still work-in-progress.

4. The webscraper repository

Check out our GitHub repository with a few web scrapers that illustrate our thinking of how to code up data collections.


The repository is still work-in-progress.